High Performance Success Coaching for Video Production Professionals & Businesses

Greg Ball will be taking on a limited number of people interested in growing their businesses and careers in video production.

About your coach, Greg Ball:

  • Greg managed Burger King Corporation's Worldwide Video Communications department for 13 years.
  • He was voted into the "Top 100 Producers" in the national magazine, Video Systems.
  • Greg is the founder and President of Ball Media Innovations, a full service video production and post production company based in the Miami and Orlando areas.
  • Greg has worked with hundreds of local, national and international clients around the world including Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Liberty Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, Club Med, Papa John's, etc.
  • He's a published author and expert on major sites including business.com, blogherald.com, and provideocoalition.com.
  • He's recognized as an expert producer, director and editor.

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"... I can always trust Greg and his team to create high-quality, high-caliber shows that resonate with audiences. His ability to produce videos on time, on target and on budget has earned him a reputation that is unparalleled at Burger King Corporation... His insight, support and guidance, not to mention his unbridled creativity, brought many undefined projects to successful fruition."

lainaLaina M. Hanna
Communications Manager, Global Marketing Communications
Burger King Corporation

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What You'll receive:

As your coach, Greg Ball can help you move towards achieving the level of success you're hoping for. Those who succeed in the competitive video production business are not just lucky. They've developed their abilities and gathered the tools they need to compete effectively.  He'll customize your time together to work with you in the areas that you need support with. These areas can include:

Production & Post Production

  • Editing
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Effects
  • Shot Composition
  • Directing
  • Graphics
  • And more...


  • Marketing strategy
  • Proposals and agreements
  • Website review
  • Working with clients - Customer Service
  • Working with sub-contractors and employees to get their best work
  • Budgeting & pricing
  • And more...

Your Next Step: 

If you're ready to move forward, visit the Buy Coaching Time page and choose the number of coaching sessions you'd like.
If you still have questions, check out the How This Works page.
You can also read A Note to You From Greg Ball
If you want to know more about Greg Ball, check out his business website, and be sure to read some of the testimonials about him and his business. 

"I have thought of Greg as a kind of video magician, pulling rabbits out of his hat on a routine basis. Our projects often came with no idea, no time…and Greg pulled it off beautifully... As someone who’s been in the business for 26 years I understand just how difficult it is to do that, but Greg does it all very well. There is no one I could recommend higher than Greg Ball."

steve-mcdermittSteven E. McDermott
Assistant Vice President
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company