How This Works

What will the coaching process look like?

The process will be different for everyone. I (Greg Ball) will be customizing your time just for you. We’ll address your specific needs. Here’s the process in a nutshell:

Step 1: Prior to our first phone time together, you’ll fill out a questionnaire so that I can get a sense of your needs and goals.

Step 2: You’ll send me any work or anything else that you would like me to look at. This would include anything that you feel is relevant to your career or business. This can include links to videos, a website, a sample proposal or agreement, your resume, etc.

Step 3: I’ll do a preliminary review of your questionnaire and materials. Assuming I believe I can help you, I’ll email you to set up an appointment. I’ll also send you a more in-depth questionnaire.

Step 4: At the first session, what we do will depend on what you sent me:

  • We may go over your questionnaire and materials together, dig deeper to determine the best course of action for you, and come up with a coaching plan.
  • We may begin addressing your questions and needs right away.

In that first session we’ll decide how to proceed together. For some people, one session will be enough. For others, we’ll be working together over time.

Here’s what you do now: 

If you’re ready to move forward, visit the Buy Coaching Time page.  

If you still have questions about the coaching process, give me a call.

(954) 432-1274 or (866) 570-8612